Beginning August 21, 2017, parents will be able to access their currently enrolled student’s assessment results from the CCSD Campus Portal. For more information click on the link below or goto click on TESTING on this page.

Check here for next SOT meeting.

The flier below outlines the Clark County School District Food Services Department's procedures regarding accruing and collecting unpaid meal charges.

Testing schedules for the 2017-18 school year will be posted in the "Testing" link found on this page. The schedules will be posted as soon as they are made available.

  • Martin Luther Kings Jr. Jan. 15th
  • Extended President's Day Feb. 15th-16th
  • President's Day Feb. 19th
  • Spring Break March 26th - April 2nd

Phone (702.799.1450)

2490 Maverick St.
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Main Office Fax:
Athletic Office Fax:
Deans Office Fax:
Registrar Office Fax:
Special Ed. Office Fax:
Darren Sweikert
Asst. Principal
Jeffery Dalton
Asst. Principal
Jessica Lovell
Asst. Principal
Ana Maria Crosby
Asst. Principal
Kelly Carque
Secretary - Ext 4100
Karen White
Secretary - Ext 4200
Barbara McGill
Secretary - Ext 4202
Joyce Mitchell
Secretary - Ext 4206
Heather Shaffer
Secretary - Ext 4204
Jeanne Graham
Koni Whitaker
Ext - 4300
Michele Brown
(A-At & I.B, Dept Chair ext. 4305)
Todd Steffenhagen
(Au - Dam ext. 4308)
Kathleen Dambro
(Dan-Hun ext. 4303)
Kara Wintermute
(Hur-Mam & SPED ext. 4307)
John Ivers
(Man-Rur ext. 4302)
Betsy Brown
(Rus-Z ext. 4301)
Secretary Lori Czyz
Ext. 4500
Emily Rodriquez
A - F
Scott Stockhill
Norman Smith
O - Z
Attendance: Libby Cammiso
Ext. 4035
Banker: Anne Wayne
Ext. 4044
Nurse's Office: Dainis Charbonneau
Ext. 4020
Psychologist: Joshua Becky
(Wed, Thur.) Ext. 4028
Registrar: Pam Gubler
Ext. 4065
School Police: W. Seilinger
Ext. 4700
Speech Path: Aleta Spain
(Mon, Tues.) Ext. 4033
Withdrawals: Michelle Tatum
Ext. 4002