College and Scholarships

The scholarship page keep a current list of scholarship that are available to students. It is important to note that all scholarships have deadlines attached to the submission of applications.

The college page keep a current list of college evernt, sites of interest, and planning and preperation that are available to students.

Current Students: Fill out a request form located in the registrar’s office. Transcript will be ready within 24-48 hours. Please bring a photo ID when transcript is ready for pickup.

Palo Verde Graduates/Non-Enrolled: It’s simple, speedy, and secure! Transcript requests will be processed within 10 business days. Just go to

Financial Aid have deadlines for all applications. In addition many schools may need to complete the FAFSA application as part of the registration process.

Help with Preparing for college, types of aid, eligibility, loans, and more....

Ms. Dambro is the College Counselor and Scholarship Coordinator. For the latest information on college events and scholarships Ms. Dambro created a some great tools to keep you informed. Just click the link below.

The "College and Career Transitional Planning Guide for High School Students" is a CCSD publication to access parents and students with the transition process from High School to College.