CTE Resources

Information on the role of the Department of Education in the funding and development of CTE programs can be found at the U.S. Department of Education link below. While cte.org provides support, collaborate with partners and engage policymakers to advance CTE-learning that "Works for Students".

CTE is broadly organized in the six program areas. Each area includes a multitude of specific programs aligned by career cluster and to one or more career pathways. Guidance and counseling services and standards apply to all programs. The links below will provide information on programs, requirements, testing, and college credit requirements.

The pdf below provides you with several resources to assist students in making career choices. The pdf contains links to all the sites. The learning Express site provides students with practice test and different learning resouces.

Information on CTE courses offered at Palo High School as well as registration and how to enroll can be found by going to the main menu Academics>Information.

Workplace Readiness Skills

All Career and Technical Education students in Nevada completing a course of study must pass assessments on their program of study and on the 21 Workplace Readiness Skills standards: Employability Skills for Career Readiness in order to receive a Certificate of Skill Attainment. The Workplace Readiness Skills website provides student with all the lesson to prepare the student for this test. In addition are links to samples questions and a quizlet.